Selecting Article Title

The first stage is to determine the title of the article. Make sure this title contains the most important keywords in the article. The length of the article title should be around 5-7 words only because the longer it will decrease the density of keywords in it. If you want to make the title of the article excited should not be to sacrifice keywords in it. If you are interested in custom writing can visit the site custom writing services – EliteWritings


Selecting an Article URL

If the title of the selected article is long enough, then it may not load all of the article URL. For blogger per platform, users can change the URL in the following way. Look at the right side of where your article typed. There is a menu named Permanent link, then click the menu.



 Use Label In Every Article

We recommend using labels for your articles. Choose the most appropriate label to describe the created article. To enter a label click Label Menu at the right of the typed column of the article. If you use more than one label separated by commas. If your blog is a mixed theme and does not focus on one topic, then you should install the label gadget on the sidebar to help flow page rank to the pages of your blog articles.


Creating Optimized Articles

The articles you create should follow some of the following rules:

  • Article length of at least 500 words
  • Each keyword is repeated at least 3 times in the article,
  • The title should be bold or italic
  • Use standard language so that article quality is not reduced

Installing Images Inside the Article

Make sure the image you install contains Alt tags. The alt tag is in charge of telling Google about the content of the image because Googlebot has not been able to recognize the image. If the size of the image file should not be too big, because it can affect the loading time of the page. For Blogspot users, images should be uploaded when writing articles, and do not host another image hosting. Because sometimes another hosting cannot keep up with the speed of loading images from Blogspot during rush hour.


Tips on How To Create Good And True Articles

There are some things we need to consider in writing good and true articles. In writing an article or content on a web is very important. because the content is “king” and is the “life” of the web itself. So in writing articles, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  1. No Plagiarism

Try not to copy articles from another web from other sites, will result in reducing your web credibility in the eyes of visitors. Write original articles that are much appreciated by visitors.


  1. Always be consistent

In writing articles try according to the topic you are going to and always consistent. If your web discusses the computer ya cultivated his article contains about articles do not others such as how to make meatballs, how to cook good noodles. It does not have anything to do with computers right … :). By writing articles consistently will increase the speed in the appearance of keywords that you choose.


  1. Create an interesting headline/article headline

Interesting titles will keep visitors coming to your web and will make it easier for them to remember your web.


  1. Selection of the right keywords

the right keyword is a very big influence in increasing the number of visitors to your web. Use bold, italic or underline effects on keywords, do not use all, just one used to help search engines in indexing your content.


  1. Interconnected

Try when writing an article must be interconnected between one article with another article, so visitors will feel at home linger on your website.

            Similarly steps and tips on how to create a good article that I can show. Hopefully my article this time bias useful for readers.

Compile a good and correct article