Are you a person who wants to enter the world of short stories? The world is full of interesting stories. Not just the audience for short stories but short story writers. Wow … so steady then. And there are several ways to write short stories that are true and interesting, If you want to get cheap essay writing service please visit cheap essay writing service usa

This is not a short story writing technique that can make great work. To produce great work, keep writing without giving up. So, this paper is just a simple way to write short stories, nothing more.

Ok, here’s how to write short stories that are true and interesting.


1. Decide on a short story theme

Whether you are looking for short stories, how to write short stories about personal experiences, examples of good and correct short stories, how to make teen short stories, make short stories about friendship, etc., then first determine the short theme. stories to write.

2. Define the characters and characters in the story

This is required so that when writing a story, it is not affected by the writer’s block. It could be because it does not know about the characters and characters in the story. Because of course, these characters and characters are very important in a story. Without both, the story will feel empty.
Also, think of characters between characters. To worry about is not to make characters between characters look the same because it is a fatal error. If the characters between characters look the same, the story looks boring.

3. Define the storyline

How to write the next story is to determine the storyline. Broadly speaking, the storyline is divided into three namely, groove forward, reverse flow, and back and forth. Well, now select a groove and develop based on your imagination.

4. Choosing a story point of view

Choosing a point of view in a story is very important in how to write a short story. At least, there are 4 types of points of view in the story. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Next, how do you develop the story with an interesting point of view?

Of course in choosing this point of view depends on your imagination in developing the story. Because the development of the point of view is also very decisive in the story.

5. Determine the background of the story

Whether the background story is in schools, libraries, public areas, flower gardens, old buildings, houses, and others. We recommend that you set the story background. Also, provide a brief description of the story’s background to make the story appear alive.

6. Create an interesting first paragraph

Indeed, no doubt, the first paragraph is crucial in the story, be it a new story or a short story. Because the first paragraph of interest will make the reader will continue to read the story to the end.

There are several ways to make the first paragraph interesting. However, how to make an interesting short story opener usually uses an event description that can make the reader wonder. So readers keep reading out of curiosity.

7. Make a touching end

In order for your writing to keep the reader in mind, one way is to make a touching end. If possible, can make the glaze reader or even cry.

At least, there are three final categories of stories. There’s a happy ending, a sad ending, and a cliffhanger. All three have advantages and disadvantages of each. You develop the end according to your imagination.

8. Create a message from the story

Do not create stories without messages in them. How to write good and interesting short stories is to create a message in a story. Whether the message is implied or explicit. Most of the fictional stories are implied messages.

Because the message is part of the story. If the message is good, and the reader catches your message, it will improve the quality of your story. And also, the message can increase the reader’s impression of your story.

9. Make Edits

Most of us have a lot of experience, writing some tales of passion for mercy. Immediately do everything. However, while editing is very lazy. Did not even touch the editing stage.

10. Keep writing

Do not give up writing. Because this is the most powerful short story writing. Keep trying until you become an expert. If possible, do regular writing. Be it daily, once a week, every day, etc. Importantly, try writing a routine. Because it gives a positive impact for you.

How to write short stories that are true and interesting do require effort. However, the thing to watch out for is “keep writing”. Do not give up on the first article, because very rarely people who succeed on the first try.

10 Ways to Write a True and Fascinating Short Story