Get into the arena with Supercell’s new game: Clash Royale

Introduction to Clash Royale

Clash Royale game is made from many Arenas where you can win different kind of battles and chests that will offer you many rewards.

One of these Arenas is Builder’s Workshop and it is number 6. You need to own 1700 trophies to can unlock Arena 6 and also it will have his demotions at 1650 trophies. We’ll talk about the Clash Royale hack later, a trick that can get you there super fast.

From Builder’s Workshop Arena you will unlock Mortar, Elixir Collection, Golem, Sparky, Miner and The Log. The First Two are buildings and we will talk a little about them.

Base building

Mortar is a defense building. You need 4 elixirs to deploy it. What does Mortar? This building will attack the enemy, but only if it is at distance. If it is close to your buildings, this Mortar cannot shoot! Mortar shoots shells that will explode. It is a very important card because it has a long range. You can use this building to destroy troops. It is very good for those with medium or low hit points, but it is also good for those with high hit points together with other troops or spell. The best advantage of it is that its lasts 30 seconds and that it have a very big range: 4.5-11, but the disadvantage is that his hit speed is 5 sec and his deploy time 4 sec. They attack only enemies from the ground. The maximum hit points it can achieve is 1.854 and area damage: 333 (damage per second: 66). It is very efficient because it can attack the enemy crown tower, so if you have it you need to use it for sure. But be sure that you do not hit the King’s Tower because you will activate it!


The Elixir Collector is vital for your battle. If you do not recharge fast with elixir you can lose the battle. The paradox is that you need to spend elixir to recharge! His deploy time is 1 second, production speed 9.6 seconds, lifetime 1 min and 10 seconds and it is rare. You need to use 5 elixirs to deploy it. You can use it as a defensive building because it has very much hit points and if the enemy attacks with Giants it is the best option for you to distract them from damaging your tower crowns or king’s tower. You can use the Mirror spell to double this Elixir Collector and it will be better from your elixir and defense. In order for these tricks to work properly the players often search for things like Clash Royale hacker or Clash Royale hack, if you can find a proper working hack for Clash Royale then you are assured to get unlimited chests and all the cards you need.


The Log is a spell represented by a tree trunk that crushes your enemies or buildings. It costs 2 elixirs to deploy. The Log attacks only on the grounds, at the distance of 9.6. It is legendary, so if you get it you are lucky! His maximum damage is 350 on troops and 140 on crown tower.


Clash Royale is good for developing your mind and strategy. So, you definitely will not lose your time, you will develop your personality and make new friends that have the same interest as you! and if you ever get in trouble, just try to search for a proper Clash Royale hack or some Clash Royale cheats, those are guaranteed to get you out of it.

You can download it from Android or Apple Store and play it for free how much you want!


Get back on track with the new Need for Speed game

The new Need for Speed

This car racing game was initially launched in the year 1994 by the name ‘The Need for Speed’. The game got its name after a quote from a Hollywood block buster movie Top Gun. Till date it has been a very successful car racing game. The version which was launched in the year 2015 is the 22nd instalment of the series. The near realistic visuals and customization of the game was highly appreciated. It has been rated as the 7th best selling games in USA in the month of November 2015.

Playing the game

The original essence of the game is still the same; players have to race their cars on various tracks. However, in this new version five new game plays have been added i.e. style, speed, build, crew, and outlaw where players can earn points. The game is based in Ventura Bay which is a fictional city. The story is based on small group of five racers who want to get noticed by their icons. As one proceeds in the game, the player builds his reputation among other racers and also earn money. After the player becomes an ultimate icon the final challenge is against the five icons and they are Travis, Amy, Spike, Manu and Robyn. The game ends with a group photo being taken after the race with the mask on the players face to hide the identity.


Why it is a must play game?

For people who like the racing games this one is an ultimate experience. The Need for Speed series has always been an action packed game and the new version boasts of a near to real tracks for racing and visuals. The game like its original franchise explores the world of illegal street racing.  The audio visual effect of the game makes it very exciting and thrilling. The flashy vehicles with breathtaking speed have made the whole game gripping for the players. The narrative is like an action movie where the action scenes and dialogues between the races have been done amazingly. The rep or reputation points which the player earns help them to unlock certain specific upgrades and the game’s boss races.

The whole game is based in night sequence and the developer has successfully made a believable world to race. The player has to be careful about the obstacles in the streets such as buildings or garbage can. One has to nearly drive to perfection since in no time the controlled racers would go past you. While racing one may end up breaking the traffic rules like running down sign posts or crossing the speed limits and this leads to police chase. One can hear siren of the police cars that chases you and it’s up to the player that how successfully he gets away from the cops. The game can be played in both as single and multi player mode. A crew of up to eight racers can be set up by the player to enter events or to simply hang out in Ventura Bay. As a whole the game lives up to its name so all ‘Fast and Furious’ fans don’t miss out on this game.


What is it? Racing video game

Expect to pay: Free

Developer:  Ghost games

Company:   Electronic Arts

Platform(s) – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows

Release date(s): 3rd Nov 2015

Genre(s):    Racing